Looking for other Lansing area DIY Makers?

Join a growing community that’s bent on making electronic stuff; Robots, Thing-O-Matic, Arduino, Quad-Copter, Squishy Circuits and more. It’s a bit like the late 70s / early 80s (Atari, Heathkit, Commodore 64 and Lego).

(formerly The Temple Club)

Topics include:
  1. Show and Tell your hacks.
  2. Analog/RF/Optical/Digital/Arduino/Android/PIC/M-Core/DigiSpark, etc...
  3. Eagle Cad / Ki Cad. etc...
  4. Artemis – Starship Bridge Simulator Event
    1. Artemis is a multi-computer roll playing game of a spaceship bridge. Where multiple players work together to operate the star ship. 
    2. Our mission will be both to enjoy the game, but also add our own hacks into the DMX effects.